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buidling acpi_call

  • need to install suse kernel headers kernel-source
git clone
cd acpi_call
sudo insmod acpi_call.ko


tp_smapi (main implemented functionality is control of battery charging and extended battery status

As of 0.4 some features like setting the starting threshold for charging the battery do not yet work. To control the battery charging thresholds, install the Perl script tpacpi-bat from the AUR.

tpacpi-bat requires acpi_call which oddly downloads the source and then need to be made with make * /usr/src/acpi_call-0.0.1git20110727-11.1

Ultrabay is still not charging Disable use of tpacpi-bat – and use tp-smapi instead – for setting the charge thresholds on Sandy Bridge models (X220, T420 et al.) .

Sandy Bridge generation ThinkPads tp-smapi does neither support the lower threshold nor forced discharging on AC power.

Solution: TLP automatically uses tpacpi-bat when the kernel module acpi_call is available, see Installation.


Powertop can help with battery usage .. and can be installed from yast

  • sudo /usr/sbin/powertop

Google Talk

 sudo zypper in google-talkplugin_current_x86_64.rpm

Nexus 7

Install True/Real Crypt

New users may experience some problems with TrueCrypt on openSUSE, from executing binary file (current version 7.1 is not valid for oS) to loading proper kernel modules.

Don’t install TC from archive downloaded from truecrypt’s site. Download it from repository prepared for openSUSE:

sudo zypper addrepo
sudo zypper install realcrypt

RealCrypt is equivalent to TrueCrypt for openSUSE.

You can also install it by “One-click” from here.

The second problem is failing to load loop service. It appears with the following error:

Failed to set up a loop device.

To fix it you should edit file: /etc/sysconfig/kernel/

Go to line 42. where you can see variable:


After reboot loop service should be automatically loaded. The last problem I have dealt with is:

Do not use kernel cryptographic services

It’s sounds quite serious, but it’s really easy to fix:

Choose in RealCrypt window: Settings → Preferences → System Integration and uncheck field Do not use kernel cryptographic services.

Boosting Volume

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