However, times have changed and there are a couple of fundamental problems that have caused this to be a total dead-end on Kubernetes.

Linkerd is written in a JVM language which means a footprint of 110mb+ memory usage per node agent. This isn’t too bad when you just run one node agent per host, but the world is moving to per pod proxy sidecars, and I think everyone realised this is too much overhead.

Linkerd also doesn’t proxy TCP requests and doesn’t support websockets.

On the positive end of the scale Linkerd has absolutely amazing traffic control. Read some of the documentation around Namerd and you’ll see just how advanced and powerful it is. It’s also one of the two service meshes that supports connections outside of the cluster.

So in summary I’d say if you only have Kubernetes to worry about then give Linkerd a miss. If you have Linkerd already in other areas and need to connect services on your Kubernetes cluster to them then it may be a valid option

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