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Openshift is attempting to fill the space to provide a managed, more secure, more opinionated Kubernates platform that can be run on metal or on prem

It borrows and extends many of the Kuberanates concepts including:

  • Containers and images are the building blocks for deploying your applications.
  • Pods and services allow for containers to communicate with each other and proxy connections.
  • Projects and users provide the space and means for communities to organize and manage their content together.
  • Builds and image streams allow you to build working images and react to new images.
  • Deployments add expanded support for the software development and deployment lifecycle.
  • Routes announce your service to the world.
  • Templates allow for many objects to be created at once based on customized parameters.

Installation on non-Redhat

The non-redhat installaion, get the client tools:

Developer Getting Started - Minishift

Note: I have yet to get this working on Windows even though it is supposed to be supported.

Openshift Configuration

  • Configuration with Templates see openshift_template
  • Configuring Pods
  • Configuring Services
  • Configuring of Routers

Getting Started

There are 2 command line tools for Openshift

  • oc - OpenShift Command Line Interface (CLI) you can create applications and manage OpenShift projects from a terminal. The oc binary offers the same capabilities as the kubectl
  • odo - Developer-focused CLI for OpenShift - OpenShift Do (odo) is CLI tool for developers who write, build, and deploy applications on OpenShift.

Deploy a demo app

Docker to Openshift


  • create OpenShift manifest based on this (the manifest is a yaml or json file which describes how OpenShift should run this docker image such as where to pull the docker image from, any persistent storage volumes required, ports to expose and other deployment information).

Automatic use

 oc new-app <image>

Logging, Monitoring and Management


Openshift uses the same as kubernates monitoring options (liveness, readiness)


Build Tools

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