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 +Back to [[Home]] or [[Kafka]] ​
 +== Overview == 
 +Kafka is organized around a few key terms: topics, partitions, producers, consumers, and brokers.
 +* All Kafka messages are organized into **topics**. Messages are sent or received from topics
 +* A **consumer** pulls messages off of a Kafka topic while **producers** push messages into a Kafka topic. ​
 +Lastly, Kafka, as a distributed system, runs in a cluster. Each node in the cluster is called a Kafka **broker**.
 +Kafka topics are divided into a number of partitions. Partitions allow you to parallelize a topic by splitting the data in a particular topic across multiple brokers — each partition can be placed on a separate machine to allow for multiple consumers to read from a topic in parallel. ​
 +Consumers can also be parallelized so that multiple consumers can read from multiple partitions in a topic allowing for very high message processing throughput.
 +Each message within a partition has an identifier called its offset. The offset the ordering of messages as an immutable sequence. Kafka maintains this message ordering for you. Consumers can read messages starting from a specific offset and are allowed to read from any offset point they choose, allowing consumers to join the cluster at any point in time they see fit. Given these constraints,​ each specific message in a Kafka cluster can be uniquely identified by a tuple consisting of the message’s topic, partition, and offset within the partition.
 == Kafka Setup and Concepts ==  == Kafka Setup and Concepts == 
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 * An alternate elastic https://​github.com/​Stratio/​kafka-elasticsearch-sink * An alternate elastic https://​github.com/​Stratio/​kafka-elasticsearch-sink
-== Dashboard == +== Dashboard ​and Managers ​== 
 * Confluent control center ​ * Confluent control center ​
 https://​www.confluent.io/​blog/​dawn-of-kafka-devops-managing-kafka-clusters-at-scale-with-confluent-control-center https://​www.confluent.io/​blog/​dawn-of-kafka-devops-managing-kafka-clusters-at-scale-with-confluent-control-center
 +* Kafka Manager created at Yahoo https://​github.com/​yahoo/​kafka-manager
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 == KQL == == KQL ==
 Kafka Window SQL Kafka Window SQL
 +== Kafka Consumer Groups ==
 +allow monitoring of micro-service health and workload distribution.
 +* Different instances of a micro-service are placed in consumer group. ​
 +* Kafka will automatically distribute the workload, provided that the customers are well balanced across the partitions.
 +* Same mechanism used for 24/7 with rolling upgrade.
 == Kafka (Cloud) Alternatives ==  == Kafka (Cloud) Alternatives == 
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 == Links and Reference == == Links and Reference ==
 * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​ConfluentInc/​connecting-kafka-across-multiple-aws-vpcs?​ref=https://​www.confluent.io/​kafka-summit-sf18/​connecting-kafka-across-multiple-aws-vpcs ​ | Kafka Across Multiple AWS VPCs]] * [[https://​www.slideshare.net/​ConfluentInc/​connecting-kafka-across-multiple-aws-vpcs?​ref=https://​www.confluent.io/​kafka-summit-sf18/​connecting-kafka-across-multiple-aws-vpcs ​ | Kafka Across Multiple AWS VPCs]]
 +* [[https://​sookocheff.com/​post/​kafka/​kafka-in-a-nutshell/​ | Kafka In a Nutshell]] ​
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