• git integration
  • maven
  • gradle

Running Tests



There are a variety of plugins for oauth, openid, activedirectory

  • store ssh credentials

Micro Services

  • copy artifacts to run location “Copy Artifact”

Useful Plugins

Cucumber Test Result. This plugin allows you to show the results of Cucumber tests within Jenkins.This plugin really helped the team to accommodate the BDD development style. Cucumber plugin formats the raw reports into very nice and visible charts, which can be easily understood by Non Tech folks like BA and Product owners.

Delivery Pipeline. This plugin visualizes Delivery Pipelines (Jobs with upstream/downstream dependencies). This is somewhat similar to Build pipeline plugin but has avery lean design. This is the favorite plugin across the teams here in my company.

Email Extension This plugin is a replacement for Jenkins's email publisher. This is more advanced plugin with better features for sending build status messages. Please make sure you set up very granular and effective means of communication to the relevant team members, rather than whole team.

Git This plugin integrates GIT with Jenkins. This plugin also adds the feature of notifying the build about git code base updates using REST API. This is a very useful feature where Git Hooks can notify the builds immediately, rather than the build waiting for the Git poll interval. SonarQube


Wall Display A wall display that shows job build progress in a way suitable for public wall displays. Rendering is performed using ajax based on REST API calls, so it requires no page refreshes.

EC2 and Cloud

  • Amazon EC2 Container Service plugin - Use Amazon ECS Containers to setup (docker-based) elastic build executors.
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