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 * [[EMC'​s Options]] * [[EMC'​s Options]]
 +Although Apache Spark and Apache Ignite both carries the power of in-memory computing, Still they have some conceptual differences:​
 +Spark doesn’t store data, actually it loads data from other storages for processing purpose, usually disk-based. As soon as the processing is finished it discards the data. On the other hand, Ignite provides a distributed in-memory key-value store (distributed cache or data grid) with SQL querying capabilities and ACID transactions.
 +Spark is used for non-transactional,​ read-only data (RDDs don’t support in-place mutation), while Ignite supports both fully ACID compliant transactions (OLTP) and non-transactional (OLAP) payloads.
 Data Analytics ​ Data Analytics ​
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