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 Naturhus, Sikhall, Vänersborg

UK Education

  • Univeristy of Plymouth -
    • nearly 4 hours away by train 52 pounds
  • Warwick University has held courses - Graeme Smith Consulting (with Rick Donnan) will be conducting a greenhouse technical management course at Warwick University, School of Life Sciences, in the UK for 1 week from 22 – 26 October this year. The course will be conducted one week prior to this year’s ‘Hortifair’ at the RAI in Amsterdam ( )
    • 1.5 hours away on the train?


Greenhouse Design


Belgium based houses that include the architects

UK Greenhouse Sellers

UK Housing Supplies Sellers and Technology

Approx £5k for a 4Kw installed

Rainwater Harvesters

Solar Equipment

Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR)


Solar Power

UK Organisations


Expos and Events

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