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 == Alerting ==  == Alerting == 
 * Official [[http://​docs.grafana.org/​alerting/​rules/​ | Alerting config]] * Official [[http://​docs.grafana.org/​alerting/​rules/​ | Alerting config]]
 +Note email smtp is setup in the configuration .ini file 
 +== Configuration == 
 +* Default configuration from $WORKING_DIR/​conf/​defaults.ini
 +* Custom configuration from $WORKING_DIR/​conf/​custom.ini
 +* The custom configuration file path can be overridden using the --config parameter
 +Note. If you have installed Grafana using the deb or rpm packages, then your configuration file is located at /​etc/​grafana/​grafana.ini. This path is specified in the Grafana init.d script using --config file parameter.
 +Configuration docs http://​docs.grafana.org/​installation/​configuration/#​smtp
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