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Docker Install

Clone the github directory and docker-compose up




Note email smtp is setup in the configuration .ini file


  • Default configuration from $WORKING_DIR/conf/defaults.ini
  • Custom configuration from $WORKING_DIR/conf/custom.ini
  • The custom configuration file path can be overridden using the –config parameter

Note. If you have installed Grafana using the deb or rpm packages, then your configuration file is located at /etc/grafana/grafana.ini. This path is specified in the Grafana init.d script using –config file parameter.

Configuration docs

Configuration 5.3

Grafana 5.3 has 2 core config files

  • Default configuration from $WORKING_DIR/conf/defaults.ini
  • Custom configuration from $WORKING_DIR/conf/custom.ini

with the docker WORKING_DIR being /usr/share/grafana/conf

A number if the config file options can be configured with an environment variable

########## Paths ###########
# folder that contains provisioning config files 
# that grafana will apply on startup and while running.
provisioning = conf/provisioning

This provisioning directory can have other two directories inside it:

  • datasources: holds a list of .yaml files that configure data sources (e.g, Prometheus instance …).
  • dashboards: holds a list of .yaml files with configuration files that tell Grafana where to look for dashboards to initialize on startup;

Making Changes to Dashboards

There is a difference to the interactive dashboards and the json provided dashboards. Json dashboards

  • Changes are not auto saved and have to be written back to file (by hand)
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