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 +* Broadband to mobile elements, the ability to pull content from a broadband site (with no manual effort from the web team) and stream it to the mobile web site (this keeps the mobile web site fresh)
 +* Multi-modality,​ The site includes call-to-actions that trigger other channels, such as text messaging as well as email. ​ Visitors to the site can either text HOPE to 62262 or click on the banner and fill out a form to opt-in to Obama’s text alert services, or they can complete a form and get whitepapers on Obama’s positions emailed to them.
 +* Viral elements, forms that enable visitors to share the site and experience with their friends—friends receive a personalized text message directing them to the site
 +* Interactivity,​ a place for visitors to interact with the site (in this case they can provide their opinion on a number of topics)
 +* Dynamic adjustments for visiting phone, the site will automatically adjust to the screen size and capabilities of the phone. For instance, phones like the iPhone with a large screen see images with explanatory text while for smaller phones these images will be automatically swapped out and images optimized for the smaller phone will be displayed
 +* Dynamic adjustments for individual carrier practices, depending on the carrier, the site will work differently. For instance, Verizon user’s see a text call-to-action to retrieve content while on other carriers visitors can download the content right from the site.
 +* The mobile internet is a growing phenomenon and will soon be a primary mode of personal, commercial and corporate communications. ​ It is time to do it right!
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