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 +[[https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=DC6e2S4lXhE|Panama City Beach Fly Fishing]] Shallow Water Expeditions,​ the Gulf Coasts premiere source for fishing charter information. Specializing in Fly fishing and light tackle is our business, and you, the client are the fuel behind our drive. Shallow Water Expeditions Guide Service is based out of Old Florida Outfitters, the exclusive outfitter located in the Watercolor Resort. Shallow Water Expeditions boasts 6 of the leading light tackle/live bait/fly Charter captians in the Panhandle area. 3 of our Bayfishing guides operate out of Panama City Beach and 3 others cover the Destin area. Our captians offer the finest inshore and near-shore experiences for anglers of all ages. Our captians work as a team sharing information to make sure that each individual fishing with SWE is successful on the water.
 + Our Bayfishing charter Service caters to the stretch of beach known as 30A, this includes Rosemary Beach, Seagrove Beach, Seaside, Watercolor, Grayton Beach and Sandestin. Each season of the year presents new species to pursue. ​
 +Whether you are a veteran flyfisherman hunting Tarpon on the Fly, or a novice who is looking for a patient introduction to the sport, we can accommodate. We welcome all levels of anglers. Our goal is to deliver an enjoyable, relaxing, productive day on the water. Providing an enjoyable experience and involving everyone in this sport is the future of Shallow Water Expeditions! Creating a rapport between guide and client is a crucial part in developing long standing guide/​client relationships,​ leading to our ultimate goal: creating friendships. Shallow Water Expeditions is a guide service, and we provide just that, professional service! We cater to each charter'​s expectations,​ and it is our hope to exceed those expectations and keep you coming back for more!
 +Alligator Point - Lanark - Carrabelle - Apalachicola - Indian Pass - 30A - WaterColor - Rosemary Beach - Port St. Joe - Mexico Beach - Panama City Beach - Destin - Sandestin - South Walton - Santa Rosa Beach
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