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 +Back [[Home]]
 + trust you had a good Easter break and thank you for your time last week.
 +As promised, find below details about N1QL our Ad hoc query language and other useful resources such as aggregation and other use-cases Couchbase excels in.
 +N1QL Query Language Tutorial ​
 +Couchbase Architecture review
 +Couchbase Lite (mobile) and Synch gateway
 +Aggregation,​ Realtime Analytics and Ad Targeting use cases 
 +    PayPal
 +        Realtime analytics and Ad targeting.
 +        Billions of requests with 5ms access times
 +    Live Person
 +        Realtime analytics
 +    QuestPoint
 +        Processing 10 billion trx’s a day, 
 +Flexible and performant data store
 +    BetFair
 +        Content and metadata store to support their consumer facing web and mobile business
 +Performant key value store
 +    Amadeus
 +        Needed scalability and performance to support 1.6 billion tx per day
 +User Profile store
 +    Concur
 +        1 billion tx’s a day
 +    BSkyB
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