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trust you had a good Easter break and thank you for your time last week.

As promised, find below details about N1QL our Ad hoc query language and other useful resources such as aggregation and other use-cases Couchbase excels in. N1QL Query Language Tutorial Couchbase Architecture review Couchbase Lite (mobile) and Synch gateway Aggregation, Realtime Analytics and Ad Targeting use cases

      Realtime analytics and Ad targeting.
      Billions of requests with 5ms access times
  Live Person
      Realtime analytics
      Processing 10 billion trx’s a day, 

Flexible and performant data store

      Content and metadata store to support their consumer facing web and mobile business

Performant key value store

      Needed scalability and performance to support 1.6 billion tx per day

User Profile store

      1 billion tx’s a day
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