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 +Back to [[Travel]]
 +== Cork City == 
 +* English Market, a Victorian covered market, in Cork City
 +* [www.cookingisfun.ie/​ Ballymaloe Cookery School] with a tour of the water garden, orchard, meadow garden, & herb garden. Lunch at Ballycotton & a visit to Stephen Pearce pottery nearby.
 +== Midleton == 
 +*  Irish Whiskey distillery at Midleton. ​
 +== Ballydehob, Schull & Skibbereen ==
 +A tour of West Cork, famous for its many farmhouse cheese makers. The towns of Ballydehob, Schull & Skibbereen are synonymous with cheeses such as Milleens, Durrus, Dunbeacon & Gubbeen. & even goats ice cream! A visit to one of the local smoke houses, where salmon, venison & even eels are smoked, ​ to find out some of the secrets of trade 
 +* Lunch and a wine tasting in Mannings Emporium - Michael Manning has for years been a prophet of the slow food movement of West Cork. . 
 +== Kinsale ==
 +* Fishy Fishy Cafe, Kinsale, Co Cork. (Bib Gourmand)
 +== Kenmare ==
 +Kenmare is Ireland’s only town with more restaurants than bars
 +== Places to Eat ==
 +* The Lime Tree, Kenmare, Co Kerry. ​
 +* D'​Arcy'​s Oyster Bar & Grill
 +* Park Hotel Kenmare. Dinner tonight in the Michelin star restaurant of the Hotel.
 +== Things to Do ==
 +* Stone Circle. The stone circle is located within walking distance of the main village of Kenmare (approx 5 minute walk). It is signposted so it should be easy for you to find. There is a minimal entrance fee.
 +Constructed centuries ago, the stone circle has a number of large stones surrounding a center alter and so was used as a place of worship. You can still feel the magic of the place and understand why they picked that locatation, it has a beautiful mountain backdrop.
 +After you have seen it you can go for coffee and a treat in JAM, a fab little coffee shop on the main street. Really enjoyed Kenmare. Well worth a visit.
 +* Kenmare Heritage Centre
 +* [[http://​www.bearatourism.com/​ | Beara ]Way Walk]
 +* Samas , Spa Kenmare
 +* Teampall Fiachna
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