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 +Back to [[Travel]]
 +== Links and References ==
 +* http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Commune_(intentional_community)
 +* http://​www.thefarm.org/​lifestyle/​cmnl.html
 +* http://​www.diggersanddreamers.org.uk/​index.php?​fld=initial&​val=T&​one=dat&​two=det&​sel=tipivill
 +* [[http://​www.thefarmcommunity.com/​ | The Farm Community]] some interesting links and references
 +* [[http://​www.off-grid.net/​ | Off Grid]] magazine crosses over
 +== Communities ==
 +* From [[http://​www.hippy.com/​havens3.htm | Hippy Havens]]
 +Belgium - "I moved from Brussels to the little town of Mesnil Eglise (yes, Belgium) and see from the 75 habitants half of them are old and new tekno-hippies. From the solar energy professor to artists and bio food producers all invite friends to spend the summer in the woods of the Ardennes. This makes a lot of people smokin'​ and roamin'​ the 3 streets of the village... The melting pot with the original farmers worked well out during the last 25 years."​
 +== Community Programs ==
 +* http://​solari.com/​ - community finance from Catherine Austin Fitts
 +  Describing the potential for Nazi like rise to power because of the finacial crisis 2008 she said
 +  "​We'​ve found a way to take the concentration camp in to the neighborhoods and have people kill each other."​
 +== Brehon Law ==
 +Supposedly more egalitarian laws where even the lowest could have justice .. perhaps look into more.
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