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Close all instances and run with “-allow-file-access-from-files”

Chrome Extensions


The chrome extension consists of a manifest file with json configuration and javascript files that implement the desired functionality

Actions may be triggered on:

  • browser action - conditionally triggered like visiting a sepecific url
  • page action - page actions are always triggered

A browser action can have an icon, a tooltip, a badge, and a popup.


If a browser action has a popup, the popup appears when the user clicks the icon. The popup can contain any HTML contents that you like, and it's automatically sized to fit its contents.

To add a popup to your browser action, create an HTML file with the popup's contents. Specify the HTML file in the default_popup field of browser_action in the manifest, or call the setPopup method.


To create a toolbar one must make DOM manipulations from the 'content.js' and style it with content.css.

Wtr Chrome Extension


Web Site Monitoring:

  • periodic monitor (ping) test the site, selecting one or more of live, dev, qa
    • capture a page load time (and page size?)
    • create an alert if the page load time exceeds a certain threshold
  • capture similar data from selected competition sites (tesco, ocado ) etc.

Error Monitoring

  • run an elastic count query show # errors per time period, selecting one more environments
  • create an alert if the errors exceed a threshold per time period

Provide quick links to graphs and small graph of

  • daily traffic

lnkd in plugin goals

  • capture all contact details in contact list
  • capture all contacts in search list
  • send (scheduled | delayed) bulk messages to all tagged/grouped people


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