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 +A good gift is hard to find, especially if it is a gift for yourself (those are important too, you know). It is very rare for a timeless decorative piece to also be useful and functional for our daily lives. Fortunately,​ we specialize in rare useful things.
 +Paper towel holders and toilet paper holders have been irritating (no pun intended) home dwellers for many generations. How many times you would try to literally pry one of those toilet paper holders open in order to fill a new paper roll, only to have things flying out of your hands, with little plastic thing going in one direction, while toilet paper roll comically unrolling on your bathroom floor. They often get broken in the process too. Many homes have patched up holes on the dry-wall-made walls from loose screws in bathroom walls. None of the toilet paper rolls I have seen lately belong to [[http://​www.arenaturals.com/​BATH-ACCESSORIES_c_36.html|bath accessories]] that brighten the space around them either.
 +A similar situation follows us in the kitchen when it comes to your usual [[http://​www.arenaturals.com/​Giraffe-Paper-Towel-Holder_p_436.html|giraffe paper holder]]. They are usually too light, so just pulling on the paper towel would not work – you have to hold it down. What if your other hand is busy? I noticed that paper is often stuck and rips where it should not (which wastes a lot of paper). They are also hardly ever much of a decoration for your kitchen, looking not too bad, but not too good either. In fact when was the last time (or any time) when you guests in the kitchen said: “Oh my, where did you get this paper towel holder, it sure looks good on your counter”. I know the answer to that question: never.
 +In comes our [[http://​www.arenaturals.com/​Giraffe-Paper-Towel-Holder_p_436.html|giraffe paper holder]],.
 +[[http://​www.arenaturals.com/​Giraffe-Paper-Towel-Holder_p_436.html|giraffe paper holder]], is priceless addition to any bathroom or kitchen, this paper towel (or toilet paper) holder is one of our best sellers. Solid, yet very pleasing to the eyes, this [[http://​www.arenaturals.com/​Giraffe-Paper-Towel-Holder_p_436.html|giraffe paper holder]], will stick his neck out for you any day. You will find it very comfortable to place the paper roll onto the giraffe'​s neck, while it's weight will make it easy to roll and tear the paper during daily usage. It is a functional decorative piece that will be serving your family for a life time.
 +Your kitchen or bathroom can get a well-deserved affordable upgrade here:
 +[[http://​www.arenaturals.com/​Giraffe-Paper-Towel-Holder_p_436.html|giraffe paper holder]],
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