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Cassandra Usage - Customer requirements Customers who use Cassandra require a solution that offers a mixture of the following capabilities:-

  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Cost reduction

In terms of functional usage the following are the main fields (also a link to actual use cases at Planet Cassandra -

  • Playlists
  • Recommendation/Personalisation
  • Fraud Detection
  • Messaging
  • Internet of Things

* Case Studies (I have highlighted those with a telco flavour but there are lots of others)

Training + Product Downloads In the section below you will find the material that detail recommended configurations/product downloads and training Reference Architecture Configurations -

Free Self paced online training -

DataStax Enterprise Sandbox -

DataStax Download Site -

As a reminder: If you are using DataStax Enterprise within your test/dev environment you are able to download and use for no cost.

  • Netflix Cassandra Stack provides a high level object model for Cassandra
  • Hector another object model for Cassandra, including
    • high level, simple object oriented interface to cassandra
    • failover behavior on the client side
    • connection pooling for improved performance and scalability
    • JMX counters for monitoring and management
    • configurable and extensible load balancing with three algorithms to choose from: round robin (the default), least active, and a phi-accrural style response time detector
    • complete encapsulation of the underlying Thrift API and structs
    • automatic retry of downed hosts
    • automatic discovery of additional hosts in the cluster
    • suspension of hosts for a short period of time after several timeouts
    • simple ORM layer that works
    • a type-safe approach to dealing with Apache Cassandra's data model
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