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 with the gradle dependencies of  with the gradle dependencies of 
-<​code>​ +<​code ​groovy
-compile "​org.apache.camel:​camel-core:​${camelVersion}"​ +def camelVersion = "​2.19.0"​ 
-compile "​org.apache.camel:​camel-elasticsearch:​${camelVersion}"​ + 
-compile "​org.apache.camel:​camel-jdbc:​${camelVersion}"​ +dependencies { 
-compile '​org.slf4j:​slf4j-simple:​1.6.6'​+    ​compile "​org.apache.camel:​camel-core:​${camelVersion}"​ 
 +    compile "​org.apache.camel:​camel-elasticsearch:​${camelVersion}"​ 
 +    compile "​org.apache.camel:​camel-jdbc:​${camelVersion}"​ 
 +    compile '​org.slf4j:​slf4j-simple:​1.6.6'​ 
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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