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Broadcast Cabling

  • hybrid fiber - Hybrid fibre-coaxial (HFC) is an optical fiber and coaxial cable.An advantage of HFC is that some of the characteristics of fiber optic cable (high bandwidth and low noise /low interference susceptibility) can be brought close to the user without having to replace the entire existing coaxial cable that is installed. “
  • Telecast - a fiber technology company providing
    • Baker Box CAT-5 to AES Microphone converter
    • Cobra Triax to Fiber Camera Link
    • CopperHead Fiber Optic Camera Transceiver
    • CopperHead RCP CopperHead Remote Control Panel
    • DiamondBack 4×4 NTSC/PAL Video/Audio Multiplexer
    • DiamondBack 8-Ch NTSC/PAL Video/Audio Multiplexer
    • MX Connectors Mini-eXpanded Beam type
    • HD/POV 4×4 Robotic camera links
    • Ox-Frame Reels Ox Frame Reels
    • Python II High Density HD/SDI frames
    • Rattler Mini HD/SDI link
    • Rattler 3G Mini 3G HD/SDI link
    • SCamp SMPTE Cable Amplifier/Repeater
    • EEL Power Supply AC/DC Power Converter
  • DWDM - Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing, an optical technology used to increase bandwidth over existing fiber optic backbones.
  • CWDM - Coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) is a method of combining multiple signals on laser beams at various wavelengths for transmission along fiber optic cables, such that the number of channels is fewer than in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) but more than in standard wavelength division multiplexing (WDM).

    CWDM systems have channels at wavelengths spaced 20 nanometers (nm) apart, compared with 0.4 nm spacing for DWDM. This allows the use of low-cost, uncooled lasers for CWDM. In a typical CWDM system, laser emissions occur on eight channels at eight defined wavelengths: 1610 nm, 1590 nm, 1570 nm, 1550 nm, 1530 nm, 1510 nm, 1490 nm, and 1470 nm. But up to 18 different channels are allowed, with wavelengths ranging down to 1270 nm.
  • BNC bnc_cable.jpg is the video cable connector found on either end of Coax cables


  • CCU - Camera Control Unit - installed in the production control room (PCR), and allows various aspects of the video camera on the studio floor to be controlled remotely. The most commonly made adjustments are for white balance and aperture, although almost all technical adjustments are made from controls on the CCU rather than on the camera. This frees the camera operator to concentrate on composition and focus, and also allows the technical director of the studio to ensure uniformity between all the cameras.
  • XLR connector is an electrical connector design. XLR plugs and sockets are used mostly in professional audio and video electronics cabling applications, for microphones and line level signals.  XLR Connector


  • AMU Audio Monitoring Unit

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