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Playlist Planning

Lego Playlist

  • Garden
    • light, temperature, humidity monitoring
  • Alarm
    • Lego house alarm
    • motion sensor
    • camera motion detection
  • Logistics
    • lego container stacking, tracking

Airflow Playlist

  • Getting started with Apache Airflow
  • Airflow and GCP

Mule Playlist

  • munit testing with databases

Postgres Playlist

  • Stored Procedures
    • Testing Stored Procedures
  • Postgres Indexing
  • Postgres on GCP
  • Time series data
  • Geo-location data
  • Text Search (sqlalchemy )
  • Postgres Role Security (integration with Vault?) and encryption

Home Automation

Grafana Playlist

timescale db Playlist

  • social media monitoring (google and timescale)
  • anomaly detection
  • reproduce Cyber Squirrel 1 with grafana maps, gis

Terraform Playlist


  • AWS deployment
  • Gcp deployment
  • Azure deployment
  • monitoring deployment

Google Cloud GCP Playlist

  • Intro app engine .. my version of
  • Sanic (on GCP) App engine
  • Install Wagtail in “Google App Engine” ..demonstrate, measure and cost their dynamic scaling
  • Wagtail site monitoring in Google App Engine
  • CDN and scaling applications on Google App Engine
  • Deploy docker gcp and ..demonstrate, measure and cost scaling

DevOps Playlist

WagTail Playlist

Video Capture and Promotion

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