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Playlist Planning


Sense Hat

Lego Playlist

  • Garden
    • light, temperature, humidity monitoring
  • Alarm
    • Lego house alarm
    • motion sensor
    • camera motion detection
  • Logistics
    • lego container stacking, tracking
  • Lego Drone
    • balance and level, way point follow
    • obstacle avoidance

* Fingerprint Reader

Airflow Playlist

  • Getting started with Apache Airflow
  • Airflow and GCP

Mule Playlist

  • munit testing with databases

Postgres Playlist

Home Automation

AI/Machine Learning/Data Science

Note: can also be used with the Nvidia jetson Nano

  • An alternative to OpenCV seems to be Yolo


  • Graphing data with plotly


Grafana Playlist

Timescale db Playlist

  • The Sunspot tutorial
    • tutorial 1 - using python to grab sunspot data and store it in timescale DB
    • tutorial 2 - graphing sunspot data in grafana
    • tutorial 3 - calculating averages and smoothing the graph
    • tutorial 4 - predicting future sunspot trend
    • tutorial 5 - using anomaly detection to alert for the end of the world

Note this could be replayed on the elastic playlist and plotly

  • social media monitoring (google and timescale)
  • anomaly detection
  • reproduce Cyber Squirrel 1 with grafana maps, gis

Terraform Playlist


  • AWS deployment
  • Gcp deployment
  • Azure deployment
  • monitoring deployment

Cloud Networking and SDN

Kubernates Playlist

Streaming Solutions

  • Apache pulsar
  • AWS/GCP/Azure versions

Google Cloud GCP Playlist

GCP Notes

  • Intro app engine .. my version of
  • Sanic (on GCP) App engine
  • Install Wagtail in “Google App Engine” ..demonstrate, measure and cost their dynamic scaling
  • Wagtail site monitoring in Google App Engine
  • CDN and scaling applications on Google App Engine
  • Deploy docker gcp and ..demonstrate, measure and cost scaling
  • GCP api with API Endpoints

AWS Playlist

  • aurora serverless postgres

DevOps DecSecOps Playlist

  • A full article to spin up flask on kubernates
  • Consul - Consul is a distributed service mesh to connect, secure, and configure services across any runtime platform and public or private cloud
  • Packer - a tool for creating identical machine images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration
  • Pi-hole is a simple tool which can be configured to handle the DNS of all the devices on a network. It can be installed on a linux environment and is also available as a docker image. Basically it will check any DNS queries against various blacklists and block queries that match ad networks or tracking domains. The end result is that you get a browsing experience without advertisements and user tracking
  • Endpoint and Api monitoring with Smartbear Alertsite also has references to Swagger api monitoring
  • Pi Hole block ads and grafana display, see image to the right –>
  • Deploy Docker Swarm to 7 rasberry pi cluster
  • prometheus and grafana for cloud security

Video Capture and Promotion


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