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Rue des Teinturiers One of the most picturesque streets in Avignon's old town, the Rue des Teinturiers, Dyer's Street, is lined with old buildings built by the prosperous cotton industry that harnessed the river's power and still captures a feeling of that time.

Halfway down the road, which follows a branch of the Sorgue River, is a chapel that was the setting for a miracle in 1443; a flood destroyed the surrounding area but the chapel remained intact.


Les Halles - food market, Place Pie, Mon-Fri 8am-4pm; Sat 9am-12.30pm, Two blocks south-east of the historic town centre.

Saturday Markets Avignon 84000 - Flower market, Cloître aux Carmes Avignon 84000 - Marché Forain - Food Market; Rempart St Michel

Everyday Markets Avignon 84000 - Marché couvert - Covered Market; Except Monday

Ideas - find out what the regional cheses / meats are and have list ready for purchasing in local shop

The fresh and delicate flavor of the Gardian from the Camargue river delta region of Provence must be purchased directly from the cheese-maker at a local market. Sold in its whey at one day old, this cheese is eaten with a drizzle of olive oil and herbs. The Banon de Banon is a sweet curdle goat cheese from Haute Provence, distinguished by its small round form, wrapped in chestnut leaves. Protected by Appellation of Controlled Origin (AOC) laws, this cheese is ready to eat after two weeks’ aging.

List of markets in Provance


Tissus Gregoire, 309 avenue du 19 Mars 1962, St. Saturnin-les-Avignon. This big fabric store in a nondescript suburb of Avignon is like heaven for fabric collectors. Great selection and prices on things that are much more expensive elsewhere like Provençal prints, toile de jouy, etc.

Places to Eat

  • Le Cinq Sens - recommended on Chowhound as well - Couldn't get a table at L'Isle Sonnante, but the owner suggested we try Le Cinq Sens, which turned out to be fantastic. Beautiful presentation,and the food was absolutely delicious. Found the flavours to be fresh and the combinations were innovative. I started with a crispy artichoke chevre first course, and tried the vegetarian platter, a sampler of 8 different vegetable or grain dishes. I'd definitely return if I was in Avignon. The dinner was somewhere around 40 Euros each, not including wine.

Place Plaisance (the restaurant is not visible from the street so you must enter the courtyard) 18, Rue Joseph Vernet 84000 Avignon, France +33 (0) 4 90 85 26 51 (reservations recommended) Hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm and 7:30pm to 11pm Closed Sunday and Monday except in July

  • Bistro des Arts Not surprisingly they exhibit works from local artists here. The cuisine is refined, the presentation excellent. Food, service and atmosphere - we loved it! The owner takes time to chat with his guests. Prices: €13-30. 24 Rue des Lices, 84000 Avignon . Tel: +33 (0)4 90 85 67 21
  • Newground - 29 rue de la Saraillerie 84000 Avignon - (voted no.3 on trip advisor) creative foie gras panne or embedded in angel's hair, a wonderful “consomme de champignons”, a melting “bourguignon de taureau” with the right amount of spices; he also uses little known kinds of lettuces with “balsamic reduction” based dressing
  • Number 75 - 75, Street Guillaume-Puy, 84000, Set behind an iron gate, 75 feels like a secret garden, fragrant with mimosa. The former mansion of Jules Pernod, creator of the famous anisette liqueur. Run by the famous chef Robert Brunel who also owns the Brunel Restaurant in Aignon.

Arles easter bulls sounds interesting, search for La Feria Pascale blog Tickets for the bullfights are available here


Avignon - Uzès - Alès

The bus line number 205, Avignon - Uzès - Alès, stops a Pont du Gard. There are around 5 or 6 buses a day in each direction.

- From Avignon: Pont du Gard (45 min), Uzès (1hr), Alès (2hrs)

Uzes has nice market on Saturdays

Benediction des chevaux (annual blessing of the horses). Easter Weekend. Cabriès-Calas, Provence. Taking place on the esplanade of the fifth century chapel of Notre-Dame de la Salette atop the Calas hill, the festival features events including the blessing of more than 600 horses, bull races, games, riding exhibitions and a street ball. This event has been held every Easter since 1958 in the small village of Cabriès, ten miles south of Aix-en-Provence.

Festivals in the area

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