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Amazon Api Gateway

The Api gateway provides:

  • the ability to throttle individual users or requests.
  • Protect against Distributed Denial of Service attacks ??
  • Provide a caching layer to cache response from your Lambda function.

AWS Api Gateway provides a number of means of operation:

  • Push-event model - A one way, inbound request where Amazon API Gateway invokes the Lambda function by passing data a request body as parameter to the Lambda function.
  • Synchronous invocation – invoke the Lambda function and get a response back using RequestResponse as the invocation type (see invocation types below)
  • Event structure – The event your Lambda function receives is the body from the HTTPS request that Amazon API Gateway receives and your Lambda function is the custom code written to process the specific event type.

Note that there are two types of permissions policies that you work with when you set up the end-to-end experience:

Controlling Execution and Permissions

AWS Lambda executes is controlled by the IAM role (execution) e.g. read or write and S3 object

Invocation Types

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