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Getting there



Areas to visit

Some areas of the Dolomites are a pain t get to by public transport.

By far the easiest places to get to from Bolzano are

Seis/Siusi (serviced by the No. 170 Bus)

Ortisei (serviced by the No. 170 and 350 bus)

Val Gardena (serviced by the No. 350 bus

The 170 Bus runs frequently to Seis/Siusi but less frequently to Ortisei (at best every hour sometimes 2 hour gap)

The 350 Bus does not run that often from Bolzano (often 2hrs+ between services); however the 350 Bus runs more frequently from Ponte Gardena/Waidbruck (every 30mins or so and journey to Ortisei/Val Gardena ~ 35mins).

There are plenty of trains between Ponte Gardena and Bolzano

You can use “From” “To” search (from/to Bolzano) which will give you both rail and bus connections.

— below is taken from Rick Steve's —– Europe's largest high alpine meadow, Alpe di Siusi, separates two of the most famous Dolomite ski-resort valleys (Val di Fassa and Val Gardena). Eight miles wide, 20 miles long, and soaring up to 6,500 feet high, Alpe di Siusi is dotted by farm huts and wildflowers (mid-June-July), surrounded by dramatic — if distant — Dolomite peaks and cliffs, and much appreciated by hordes of walkers. The Sasso Lungo mountains (Langkofel in German, Long Stone in English) at the head of the meadow provide a storybook Dolomite backdrop, while the spooky Schlern peak stands boldly gazing into the haze of the peninsula. The Schlern, looking like a devilish Winged Victory, gave ancient peoples enough willies to spawn legends of supernatural forces. Fear of the Schlern witch, today's tourist brochure mascot, was the cause of many a broom-riding medieval townswoman's fiery death. A natural preserve, the meadow is virtually car-free. Buses take hikers to and from key points along the tiny road, all the way to the foot of the postcard-dramatic Sasso peaks. Meadow walks are ideal for flower lovers and strollers, while chairlifts provide springboards for more dramatic and demanding hikes.

Woods and meadows offer delightful, easy and relaxing walks. No strenuous mountaineering!

Val Comelico is considered the “Valley of Flowers” because of the abundance of wildflowers which are at their peak in June and July.

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