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 http://​cropwatch.unl.edu/​farmresearch/​articlearchives/​introducing-project-sense http://​cropwatch.unl.edu/​farmresearch/​articlearchives/​introducing-project-sense
-Lighting ​+== Lighting ​ ==  
 ** http://​phytolux.com/​ UK based light manufacturer ​ ** http://​phytolux.com/​ UK based light manufacturer ​
 +* Autogrow’s (NZ based company) ​ MultiGrowTM,​ AphaeaTM, IntelliDoseTM and IntelliClimateTM control systems and, depending on the system being run, collates microclimate data every 3-5 seconds including air temperature,​ humidity, light levels, CO2, pH and nutrient levels as well as local macroclimate data.
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